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"uvex tune-up Low" insoles

Article number: 95281

  • arch support
  • increased wearer comfort and reduced symptoms of fatigue

Insoles for increased wearer comfort in uvex safety shoes

The uvex tune-up insoles have been designed to enhance individual wearer comfort for different foot types. Every foot has a longitudinal and transverse arch. These arches distribute the pressure caused by our body weight and act as natural shock-absorbing elements. High or frequent stress, weakened muscles and ligaments, or congenital defects can affect the shape of the longitudinal and transverse arches. This can cause various issues such as flat feet (collapsed longitudinal arches), high insteps (pronounced longitudinal arches) or splay foot (collapsed transverse arches), which can lead to pain as a result. The tune-up insoles support the transverse arches and increase the contact area, distributing the pressure on the feet more evenly. This increases wearer comfort and reduces pain and symptoms of fatigue — all while ensuring that the protective effect of the safety shoes is not impaired.

General features

  • suitable for ESD models
  • arch support
  • hand-washable at 30°C
  • antibacterial insoles

Protection features

  • certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011 for uvex 1, uvex 2, uvex 2 VIBRAM® and uvex 1 sport
  • also suitable for ESD safety shoes
  • antistatic insoles
  • does not impair the protection of the safety shoes being worn

Comfort features

  • breathable and moisture-absorbing insoles
  • shock-absorbing cushioning effect for comfort underfoot
  • helps reduce symptoms of fatigue
  • prevents pressure points
  • non-irritating, comfortable surface structure

Available versions:

  • 95281: uvex 1, uvex 2, uvex 2 VIBRAM®, uvex 2 xenova
  • 95284: uvex 1 sport
  • 95287: uvex 1 G2


Product data sheet


Every foot is different, as is everyone's response to the supportive elements provided by insoles. To find the right insoles for you, it is important to try out the Low, Medium and High variants in your safety shoes. This allows you to find the correct level of comfort and support, specific to your needs.

Specifications "uvex tune-up Low" insoles

Attribute Value
Womens/Mens Womens, Mens
Colour Blue, Black
Size 35 to 52
Width 11

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