Company health management

Health management at the uvex group, also known as uvex health, encompasses a broad range of programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting health based on the following five pillars:

  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Personnel management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Company (re)integration management and
  • Social services

In the 2020/2021 financial year, uvex health primarily focused on coronavirus crisis management activities. A coronavirus crisis management team was appointed, which exchanges information on relevant pandemic-related topics on a weekly basis and adopts appropriate measures. In this context, a uvex group-wide hygiene concept was introduced. In addition, communication on all coronavirus-related topics was strengthened by means of a weekly newsletter, notices and intranet posts.

Workplace Health Promotion

Within the framework of crisis management and health promotion activities, various coronavirus vaccination campaigns were organised. In line with our motto of protecting people, no events took place in person with the aim of preventing our colleagues from picking up a coronavirus infection. Even company sports groups had to be discontinued for a while due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, a wide range of digital programmes aimed at promoting health still took place.

Digital Health Week
One highlight was our Digital Health Week. For a whole week, all colleagues had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of virtual health and sports activities, regardless of their location. Every day there was a chance to take part in 2-3 activities, e.g. Brainfit, yoga, facial relaxation exercises during working hours. Due to the positive feedback we received, we have decided to make some videos available on demand in the future.

Other measures and offers

  • Sport and fitness: FitX // JobRad company bicycle or eBike // Qualitrain // Exercise videos // Online health courses
  • Health tips
  • Consultancy on ergonomics and vaccination

Social Services

With various family-friendly offers and measures, the uvex group ensures that working life with the company reflects our protecting people philosophy. Across all locations, there is an opportunity to hold personal discussions to gain further information on topics such as caring for relatives and parental leave/parental allowance.

Moreover, we like to offer our employees across Germany a gift to mark the birth of their child in addition to a little something to occupy the kids on the Day of Prayer and Repentance: with the schools closed in Bavaria on this day, parents were given a fun bag full of arts and crafts is provided to keep them entertained while working at home. At our Fürth site, we have partnered with an AWO Fürth childcare centre, which also offers its services during the Easter and summer holidays.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, information events and talks on further family policy issues had to be cancelled during financial year 2020/21.



Arbeitsschutz & Arbeitssicherheit

Collaboration experts

Originally launched in financial year 2016/17, the uvex group further developed its successful model for digital collaboration in the previous financial year. The collaboration experts form the interfaces between IT and users within the uvex group regarding the rollout and use of new digital working methods and tools. They receive feedback and pass these valuable ideas onto the Global Connect Team with the aim of creating a future-proof and user-friendly design of digital collaboration platforms within the family business. At present, the community has 96 members altogether. During financial year 2020/21, a further 30 colleagues were trained as collaboration experts and joined the community. The collaboration experts are represented at all German-speaking uvex locations: ALPINA Schweiz, uvex sports Austria, uvex Arbeitsschutz Schweiz, uvex safety gloves in Lüneburg, uvex safety textiles in Ellefeld, uvex sports Lederdorn, BSA in Obernzell, ALPINA in Sulzemoos und uvex sports CR in Nyrsko, Czech Republic. The community keeps itself up to speed via workshops, both online and in person, and fosters even greater transparency during collaboration. In so doing, sustainable, efficient, cross-border communication pathways, collaboration and knowledge transfer within the uvex group is guaranteed.


Digitalization of HR-processes

The HR department is continuing to drive forward the digital transformation of its processes. In financial year 2020/21, the focus was on digitalising the order process for individual further training measures in addition to the development of a salary app for executives.

Digital order process for individual further training measures
The aim of this project was to establish a transparent and rapid process that would allow employees to order individual personnel development measures. This was achieved by integrating the Haufe Semigator in uvex ordering, our internal procurement system. Semigator offers an extensive further training catalogue for researching suitable measures and handles all organisational aspects (registration, rebooking, cancellation, change of participants, etc). The employees have an overview of the status of their request at all times and benefit from discounts when ordering further training measures from providers with whom framework agreements have been concluded. Integration into the internal procurement system reduces internal process costs.

Salary app
Since May 2021, all disciplinary management executives in the uvex group have had access to both the HR Executive Dashboard and the Salary App, which offers the following possibilities:

  • Up-to-date access to salary and payroll data on employees at uvex group companies in Germany – anytime, anywhere. As such, manual Excel datasheets containing salary information are a thing of the past. This significantly increases data protection and data security against unauthorised access.
  • Complete overview of the most important salary components for employees in the user’s own responsibility area
  • Salary development over the last 5 years in addition to direct salary comparison options

uvex group as a vocational trainer

With a total of 16 different vocational training programmes and four dual study courses, the uvex group offers a varied and educational experience for our apprentices as they experience work in a wide variety of departments, thoroughly equipping them for working life. Our approach aims to facilitate a successful career start once our apprentices have completed their training. In the past financial year, all 15 trainees successfully completed their training and were then taken on in their desired role.