Safety goggles with exceptional wearer comfort and a sporty design – these characteristics/range of functions are provided by the full vision safety goggles of the uvex ultrasonic series. The modern lab goggles, which are also available in a welding goggles version, fulfil the safety norm EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection) and EN 170 (UV Protection) or rather EN 172 (Solar Protection).

The full vision protective goggles not only offer reliable fragment protection, but also effective solar protection (UV 400 Protection). The combination of two different materials (hard/soft components) means that pressure never becomes a problem, even after extended periods of wear. The uvex ultrasonic welding goggles and lab goggles will never press or pinch – this is achieved by the flexible soft component, which adapts to the wearer's face and ensures full side protection for the eye area, including for those who wear glasses. Furthermore, the lab goggles or rather welding goggles provide excellent ventilation, making sure that the climate around the eyes is pleasant and non-irritant.

The uvex ultrasonic is also designed to serve as protective eyewear for spectacles wearers and as welding goggles for spectacles wearers.

Special features of the uvex ultrasonic protective goggle series

  • safety goggles in sporty design, also suitable as overspecs
  • lenses can be changed
  • certified to EN 166 (Personal Eeye Protection) and EN 170 (UV Protection) or rather EN 172 (Sunglare Filters For Industrial Use)
  • anti-fog for at least 16 seconds on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)
  • wide panoramic field of vision
  • no pressure problems with long-term wearing thanks to the combination of hard and soft components

uvex ultrasonic – the comfortable welding goggle and lab goggle