uvex 3B chem light chemical protection suit

article number: 89843

  • chemical protection of type 3B (4/5) impervious to liquids
  • Polypropylene spunbond laminated with polyethylene film
  • colour: white/yellow

uvex 3B chem light chemical protection suit – robust, impervious, versatile

The incredibly light and flexible spunbond film laminated is ideal for cleaning work and tasks involving the handling of low-concentration chemicals. The welded and taped seams provide additional protection without sacrificing on comfort.
General features
  • light and highly flexible material for high wearer comfort
  • liquid-tight
  • low-noise material
  • free from paint wetting impairment substances and silicone
  • colour: white/yellow

Protection features

  • ideal for cleaning work
  • middle finger loops for securing the sleeves
  • optimal protection thanks to self-adhesive zipper flap
  • antistatic properties
  • protection against infectious diseases

Comfort features

  • lined with skin-friendly non-woven material
  • secure and comfortable closures thanks to elasticated bands on hood, arms and legs
  • elasticated waistband for optimal fit
  • two-way zip


  • handling low-concentration chemicals
  • industrial and building cleaning
  • ship building and automobile manufacture
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • handling paints and varnishes
  • electronics
  • handling and dismantling of asbestos
  • remediation of contaminated sites
  • livestock breeding and veterinary medicine
  • waste management



Product data sheet

Specifications uvex 3B chem light chemical protection suit

Attribute Value
PPE category III: protection against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
Clothing type disposable protection
Type of disposable protective suit type 3B (EN 14126), type 4 (EN 14605), type 5 (ISO 13982-1)
Standards EN 14605: Liquid-tight coveralls (Type 3: Jet-Test), EN 14605: spray-tight protective suits (Typ 4B: spray-test), ISO 13982-1: disposable protection – particle-tight protective suits, EN 1149-5: disposable protection – anti-static properties, EN 14126: disposable protection – protection against pathogens, EN 1073-2: disposable protection – protection against particulate radioactive contamination
Material Polypropylene non woven laminated with polyethylene film
Colour White, yellow
Size S to 3XL
Technologies uvex 3B chem light material composition


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