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Safety glasses – Your eye protection from uvex

When it comes to purchasing eye protection from uvex, customers expect modern eye protection that combines safety, functionality, quality and design to withstand the rapid progress in industry and trade.

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and must therefore be protected during work. Find the right safety glasses and customise it for your eyesight and for your activities and requirements.

When should you wear safety glasses?

While eye injuries in the workplace are not the most common type of injury, they can be particularly severe, potentially leading to loss of sight. In many workplaces, it is therefore obligatory to wear safety eyewear. uvex occupational safety eyewear for the trade, industry and medical sectors protects users from shocks and impacts, radiation, chemicals or splinters, depending on the model. If employees are exposed to hazards such as these at their workplace, wearing safety eyewear is not just recommended — it is mandatory. On that subject, we have compiled the most important information about the duty to wear safety glasses in this article.

Protective effects offered by safety glasses

Different types of safety glasses are available for different applications. In general, a distinction can be made between the following protective effects:

  • mechanical hazards caused by dust or microparticles
  • optical hazards caused by light or laser radiation
  • chemical hazards caused by acids, alkalis or vapours
  • thermal hazards caused by flames or hot liquids

It is important that your eye protection fits well. If you are wearing normal glasses, you can either wear safety eyewear over them as overspecs or have safety glasses made to your prescription. More information can be found on this page: Prescription safety spectacles.

Eye protection from uvex - these are your benefits

The best occupational safety eyewear doesn't just ensure that nothing can get on or into the eyes — it offers a high level of wearer comfort and additional features too. Depending on the model, uvex safety glasses is equipped with the following features to ensure optimum safety at work:

  • anti-fog coating on the inside or on both sides
  • indirect or completely closed air vents
  • scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant coating on the outside or on both sides
  • contrast enhancement
  • UV400 protection
  • resistance to sparks
  • excellent ergonomics and wearer comfort as they can be adapted to the facial shape
  • folding elements for additional visual or facial protection

Buying safety glasses: Which occupational safety eyewear is right for you?

Occupational safety glasses protects one of our most important and most vulnerable sensory organs: the eye. Whether working on milling machines, in the laboratory or in UV light, uvex eye protection is specially coated and has the right tint for every application area. But which safety eyewear is right for your needs — especially when you need to correct poor vision at the same time? At uvex you will find a wide range of different safety glasses with or without lenses for vision correction. Follow this link to our application recommendations for safety glasses to discover the right safety eyewear for you: Safety eyewear: Application recommendations.


Safety spectacles

Safety spectacles are the standard model of safety eyewear. These occupational spectacles are particularly suitable for mechanical work. Their most distinctive feature is the adjustable nose pieces, but they usually also have adjustable arms and a folding hinge. The clear lenses protect your eyes from dust and chips. Tinted lenses prevent excessive sunlight and glare. Various models are available within the range of uvex safety spectacles with arms, such as overspecs or spectacles with a soft face seal.



Overspecs are occupational safety spectacles that can be worn over prescription spectacles. Due to the size of the overspecs, the spectacles wearer can easily put them on and take them off without compromising the visibility or comfort of their normal glasses. These spectacles are suitable for mechanical tasks and as safety eyewear for visitors to the workplace or factory.


Welding protection eyewear

Safety glasses for welding filters both UV and IR (infrared) radiation and protects the eyes from any sparks that are emitted. It has different levels of protection, depending on the requirements of the task. uvex welding protection eyewear is available both as spectacles and as goggles. Spectacles circulate air well and ensure that the eye area is comfortable. The advantage of goggles is that they sit tight on the face on all sides, which is especially useful when working on the floor or doing overhead welding.


Safety goggles

Goggles have a soft face seal that adapts to the shape of the face, providing all-round protection from flying particles, drops of liquid and splashes. The soft inserts also provide a comfortable fit, supported by the adjustable headband. These safety goggles are suitable for extreme working conditions.

What is special about safety glasses?

Safety eyewear is eyewear that is designed to protect your eyes from small flying objects such as splinters or dust, as well as chemicals and light. This reduces the risk of injury when worn. This means that this occupational eyewear meets special requirements that normal glasses cannot meet:

  • It covers a larger surface so that the eye area is completely protected.
  • Occupational safety eyewear is sturdier than normal glasses and is made of lightweight plastic.
  • Safety glasses are equipped with special features such as coatings or padding, which provide additional protection and extra safety.

Due to their special features and robustness as well as their suitability for use in practical tasks, occupational safety eyewear is different from occupational eyewear that is used as VDU spectacles.


uvex safety eyewear: Certified quality

As quality is essential when it comes to eye protection, safety glasses are tested and certified in accordance with the DIN EN standard. Safety eyewear is safe if it complies with the following test standards:

  • DIN EN 166 — Personal eye protection
  • DIN EN 167 — Optical test methods
  • DIN EN 168 — Non-optical test methods
  • DIN EN 170 — Ultraviolet filters
  • DIN EN 171 — Infrared filters
  • DIN EN 172 — Sun glare filters for industrial use
  • DIN EN 207 — Laser eye protectors


For which professional groups is eye protection essential?

In many professions, materials are handled or work is carried out that requires special eye protection. Here is an overview of the different professions where safety glasses are required to work safely:

  • Industry: Metalworkers, welders
  • Chemistry and biology: Chemists, biologists, laboratory staff
  • Medicine: Doctors, nursing staff, scientists and people working with laser technology
  • Manual processing work: Carpenters, joiners
  • Horticulture and forestry: Gardeners, forestry workers

Do you have questions about using safety glasses for your job? We have the answers on our FAQ page about eye protection.

safety glasses from uvex: Guaranteed eye protection when working

uvex safety glasses represent quality, safety and functionality in an attractive design. Don't know which safety eyewear is right for your needs? The online product assistant for safety eyewear will help you find the right model for your job.

Would you like to have your company logo printed on the occupational safety eyewear for your workforce? Then simply contact our service team via the contact form, by phone at +49 800 66 44 893 or by email at We look forward to your request.

Customising your safety glasses

You have several options for configuring and personalising your uvex eye protection to ensure that it provides you with the best protection in the workplace. For occupational safety glasses with your branding, you can also have your logo applied to eyewear that is equipped according to your specifications. Here are your options:

Safety eyewear configurator

eye protection from uvex

Here you can configure your uvex safety eyewear online in three simple steps:

  1. Choose an eyewear model
  2. Choose a colour and personalise with your logo
  3. Choose the appropriate lenses

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Safety eyewear technologies

Right from the start, uvex has been a leading specialist in developing eyewear which is perfectly matched for the intended application. Our coating technology represents one of uvex’s core areas of expertise. Learn which coatings are used and what they can do – and also how you choose the perfect lens tinting.

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uvex prescription safety eyewear

According to an eyewear study by the Allensbach Institute on perceptions of sight, around one in every two Germans require vision correction. As such, it is important for those affected to obtain safety eyewear with the prescribed correction.

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