HexArmor Helix 3007

Safety gloves for fire and rescue services

The innovative HexArmor Helix 3007 safety glove has been specially developed for applications in the field of technical assistance, making it a reliable tool for fire brigades, rescue services and disaster control teams. uvex is now offering its customers this tactile and comfortable knitted glove as part of its strategic partnership with the US company HexArmor.

Since 2016, uvex and HexArmor have been working together in the field of occupational health and safety equipment to offer their respective customers an even more comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality protective products. The HexArmor Helix 3007 is particularly suitable for technical assistance tasks thanks to its high mechanical protection level (performance index values 4X43D) and exceptional wearer comfort and dexterity.

High level of protection and high tactile feel

The HexArmor Helix 3007 has a seamless design to ensure a perfect fit and an excellent tactile feel — even during intricate mechanical activities, the wearer always has everything in hand, and this is helped further by the nitrile non-slip coating.

The high-quality IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ protects against shocks and offers a high degree of dexterity thanks to highly flexible protectors on the back of the glove. The reinforced thumb crotch prevents this technical assistance glove from wearing out quickly. The double nitrile coating gives the glove an extended service life, even when it is used for particularly demanding applications, and protects the hand against the ingress of moisture in damp conditions.

Highly functional and versatile

The functional hook-and-loop fastening and 2-in-1 fastening and hanging loop round off the practical features of the HexArmor Helix 3007. Whether it is used by fire and rescue services or for applications in workshops or industrial environments, with the HexArmor Helix 3007, uvex has designed an innovative solution for increased safety.

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