uvex i-3 AR spectacles

article number: 9190838
  • adaptable to every face, with extremely comfortable and outstandingly secure fit
  • super anti-reflective lenses
  • coated with uvex supravision AR: anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lens with a transmission > 96.5 %
  • frame in black/blue
  • PC lens, clear

uvex i-3 AR – the safety spectacles that are sure to fit

Every person is different. And it's our differences that make us unique. A good product must be designed for all kinds of people – especially when it comes to safety. Because safety spectacles are only enjoyable to wear if they fit well. The anti-reflective coating on both sides of the AR version make it easy to work even in challenging lighting conditions.

General features

  • fashionable, 3-component safety spectacles with innovative features
  • 100 % metal-free
  • frame colours: black, blue
  • PC lens, clear

Protection features

  • certified to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)
  • labelling: W 166 FT CE – 2C-1.2 W 1 FT CE
  • reliable UV 400 protection
  • reliable protection provided by its perfect fit: multi-level side arm inclination allows the wearer to adjust the spectacles to suit their face
  • adjustable nose loops prevent hazards caused by the spectacles slipping

Comfort features

  • the lenses with anti-reflective coating on both sides with a transmission > 96.5 % (uvex supravision AR)
  • soft, adjustable nose loops, soft, non-slip arm ends and metal-free hinged side arms (3-component technology) for high wearer comfort and to avoid pressure points


  • uvex supravision AR: working areas with strong lighting or mixed lighting

Specifications uvex i-3 AR spectacles (9190838)

Attribute Value
Product type spectacles
Product family uvex i-3
Version tilt-adjustable bar
Coating uvex supravision AR
Lens properties non-reflecting
Lens tinting clear
Standards EN 166, EN 170
Marking W 166 FT CE — 2C-1.2 W 1 FT CE
UV protection UV 400
Lens material polycarbonate (PC)
Colour blue, black
Technologies special coatings, well suited in combination with dust masks
Awards German Design Award Special Mention 2013, Les Trophées Expo Protection 2012, pro-K Product of the Year 2012
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