Safety footwear

uvex safety shoes are the perfect companion for long working days. Whether you stand a lot or move around on rough terrain, uvex foot protection is the perfect choice and will do your feet good in the long term. Our safety shoes have always been characterized by maximum comfort, a sporty look, impressive flexibility, breathability and durability while offering full protection.

Our work shoes and occupational footwear for men and women are available in protection classes S1, S1 P / PL / PS, S2, S3 / S3L / S3S, S5, S7 / S7L / S7S as well as O1 and O2 (in accordance with EN ISO 20345). We also offer a broad portfolio of safety shoes that have been specially developed to meet the needs and activities of various industries - for example, for industrial sectors such as automotive or mechanical engineering, for the chemical industry, the construction sector, in the service or logistics environment - but also in work areas such as horticulture, agriculture and forestry.

If you or your employees are affected by medical problems relating to the foot, we can help you with professional and tailor-made orthopaedic safety footwear.

Safety footwear – additional information

Our feet are the furthest part of our bodies from our head, which means that they are far removed from our area of perception. For this reason, well-fitting safety footwear which is suited to the application area is essential in order to avoid possible injuries when walking around, kneeling or working at a machine. In particular, footwear must do much more than simply offer protection in areas where employees are on their feet for eight hours at a time. This is why we place a great deal of importance on comfort, attractive design and an exceptional fit. Learn more about optimal shock absorption at the forefoot and heel, the perfect fit without pressure points, breathable materials, durable toecaps and non-slip soles.

Safety footwear technologies

Here you can find out more detailed information on the technologies used in uvex safety footwear in terms of optimally regulating the foot environment, for instance, and combining safety with wearer comfort.

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Construction of safety footwear

How do you manufacture footwear which will effectively protect its wearer from chemical and mechanical hazards? Take a look inside uvex safety footwear.

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Ergonomics of safety footwear

In safety footwear, occupational ergonomics deals with reducing risks which could affect the musculoskeletal system. The right footwear plays a key part in this.

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