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Our mission 'protecting people' also includes providing holistic protection to people in the health sector, where we support them in their everyday work — with the highest levels of quality, technology and wearer comfort. Our PPE products in the "health care services" category are designed for employees in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and other healthcare facilities, and are optimised solutions that provide the best possible protection for everyday activities. The possible field of application and our large portfolio for the area of "health care services" at a glance:

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Safety spectacles — with a clear vision through the working day

Innovative eyewear protection that features a variety of models, tints and coatings. With the unique coating technologies uvex supravision plus and uvex supravision excellence, our anti-fog safety spectacles offer the optimal solution for working safely and with a clear, unrestricted vision. Our wide range of safety spectacles are also particularly suitable for use in combination with respiratory masks.

Safety spectacles tailored to individual requirements
We also offer prescription safety spectacles and VDU. Find out more

Autoclavable safety spectacles

Autoclavable safety spectacles with anti-fog coating. Specially designed for repeated autoclave sterilisation (20 x 20 minutes at maximum 121°C).

For even better vision - uvex accessories

Keep your safety glasses clean: uvex clear lens cleaning towelettes are suitable for all lenses and ensure a clear view at all times. Discover our wide portfolio in the area of safety eyewear accessories

Spectacles fogging up?

The sustainable uvex coating solution.

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UV400 vs. UV380

The WHO recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. For uvex, this has always been a given.

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uvex i-gonomics

Find out more about our innovative uvex i-gonomics products, which combine relevant safety features with outstanding ergonomic properties.

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Respiratory masks — secure fit and optimal comfort

The uvex silv-Air respiratory masks, certified in accordance with DIN EN 149, offer maximum protection, superior wearer comfort and low breathing resistance.

How to put on the mask

Find out how to correctly wear FFP2 masks.


Safety gloves — maximum protection with excellent tactile feel

Indispensable for working with chemicals and cleaning products: Our uvex chemical protective gloves offer reliable protection against most chemicals and allow unrestricted, fine-motor movemen thanks to their ergonomic fit and high tactile feel.

uvex glove expert

Get expert support when selecting your safety gloves and protective clothing for handling chemicals.

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Safety footwear — ergonomics to provide relief

Standing up all day has an impact on your whole body: As well as negatively affecting your feet and your the musculoskeletal system, long periods of standing can also result in fatigue and reduced concentration. The ergonomic safety footwear offered by uvex counteract these problems, providing the wearer with relief even on days that require a lot of walking and/or standing around. Our safety footwear for the feature above-average shock absorption, avoid pressure points and are extreme slip resistant.

Shoe size finder

The uvex shoe size finder app makes it particularly easy to measure your feet and to find the shoe size and width you need.

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Protective clothing — workwear for a safe workflow

uvex offers clothing items that are suitable for a wide range of activities in the health care services sector, ranging from conventional laboratory coats for men and women to breathable disposable coveralls against infective agents

From head to toe: uvex Safety Expert System

Six steps to increased safety, economic efficiency and acceptance of PPE. Our experts are happy to support you every step of the way, from analysis to final approval

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Areas of application with special requirements

Laser rays

In some medical procedures, both employees and patients are exposed to a high level of laser radiation. uvex laservision has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of laser protection products for over 30 years.
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When performing radiology or external radiation therapy, employees are exposed to ionising radiation. The uvex RX cd 5505 flip-up spectacles provide optimal protection against x-rays.

Blue light radiation 525 nm

Many employees in the healthcare sector, especially in the dental sector, are exposed to blue UV and LED radiation. The orange tint of the uvex super f OTG spectacles blocks the transmission of light by up to 525 nm and is therefore ideal for dentists and dental technicians among others.

UV-C disinfection lamps

If it is not possible to completely remove human exposure to an activated UVC lamp, it is recommended that individuals wear a combination of eye and face protection in addition to appropriate UV protective clothing for body and hands. This should consist of a visor (according to EN166 and EN170) to protect the eyes and face from UV radiation. Where there is a danger of glare and/or strong blue light emission from the lamp, the addition of safety eyewear with a very dark tinted lens should also be considered.

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