uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® cut protection gloves

Noticeably superior in a number of ways

The uvex safety group presents the latest generation of Bamboo TwinFlex cut protection gloves with cut level D, setting new standards in sustainability, skin health and longevity.

The Bamboo TwinFlex D® xg feels silky and soft on the skin thanks to the use of bamboo fibres on the inside of the gloves. What is particularly impressive, however, about these gloves is their ability to absorb moisture quickly and retain large amounts, even more so than cotton. In addition to the renewable raw material bamboo, uvex relies on recycled polyamide and together these sustainable materials account for 45 percent of the material used. The gloves also have an adaptive fit, precisely matching the shape of any hand after 3–5 minutes. For safety gloves that offer cut protection level D, the Bamboo TwinFlex D® xg are amazingly light, flexible, thin and sensitive.

In addition to the noticeable comfort, the main focus is on skin health. The uvex Bamboo TwinFlex D® xg has been dermatologically tested by the external ProDERM® Institute (institute for applied dermatological research) in a study with particularly skin-sensitive subjects. Not only has it received ProDERM® certification and Öko-Tex Standard 100, it is also suitable for particularly allergic wearers (those with type 4 allergies) due to the absence of vulcanisation accelerators.

The newly developed uvex protexxion zone also plays a role in longevity. The area in the thumb crotch between the thumb and the index finger is one of the most stressed areas of a glove. The uvex protexxion zone means that this area of the Bamboo TwinFlex D® xg features textile reinforcement that prevents the textiles underneath from ripping or wearing through. In the uvex protexxion zone, the reinforcement itself resisted 8000 abrasion cycles, the glove below also resisted 8000 abrasion cycles in accordance with EN 388:2016 (= Level 4), meaning this area has twice the level of abrasion resistance. With the Xtra-Grip-Aqua polymer coating, which is both touch-screen capable and provides insulation against contact heat (EN 407: 1XXXXX), uvex has chosen a coating known for its durability and breathability and is ideal for both dry and oily work areas.

The Bamboo TwinFlex D® xg was developed at the uvex safety group centre of expertise for gloves in Lüneburg and is also produced there. As these products are therefore “Made in Germany”, we not only benefit from short delivery routes to Europe, but also from the very high standards upheld. In addition to CO2-neutral production, sustainable energy and environment management (ISO 14001/ISO 50001) and our commitment to never using solvents or plasticisers in production, uvex believes in exceeding REACH requirements. As part of the internal uvex harmful substance standard, around 200 critical substances are analysed on an ongoing basis.

About the uvex group
The uvex group brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (uvex sports and Alpina), and the Filtral group (Filtral and Primetta). The uvex group is represented by 48 subsidiaries in 22 countries, but proudly focuses its manufacturing operations in Germany. Two-thirds of its 2600 employees (as of FY 2016/17) are employed in Germany. Uvex is a global partner to international elite sport and equips a host of top athletes. The guiding principle—protecting people—is the mission and the duty of the company. To this end, uvex develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the safety and protection of people in sports, leisure and at work.

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