The key to protection: SuperFabric® brand material

HexArmor® sets the industry standard for cut and puncture protection by layering SuperFabric® brand material within various hand, arm, and body solutions to protect against the most dangerous hazards encountered in mining operations, the automotive industry, the food and recycling industry and many more.

How does it work?
SuperFabric® blocks and deflects cut and puncture hazards from reaching the skin with rigid guard plates attached to flexible fabric, preventing life-changing injuries and saving millions in medical expenses. Plus, SuperFabric products are fully washable, lowering replacement costs and improving hygiene.

Discover HexArmor SuperFabric® products:

Armguard Splicing Chaps Apron

SuperFabric brand material for cut and puncture protection of HexArmor PPE products

Cuts, punctures, and lacerations can cause life-changing injuries for workers. Learn how SuperFabric® can help:

HexArmor SuperFabric PPE cut protection
HexArmor SuperFabric PPE needlestick protection
HexArmor SuperFabric PPE industrial puncture protection
PPE arm protection against cut and laceration injuries
Extreme arm protection. Extreme cost savings. Cost savings up to 60% when making the switch to HexArmor® arm guards

HexArmor arm protection

Most lacerations start as a puncture, often going through protective material before cutting through the skin. To help keep workers safe while operating around different raw materials (like lumber, stone, and brick), it is essential to mitigate injuries and time off the job.

arm protection against cuts and punctures staying in place

#1 in cut and puncture resistance
Engineered with SuperFabric® brand material* to protect your forearms from dangerous hazards like large splinters, metal burrs, slitter blades and sharp metal corners and edges.

Coverage that stays in place
Durable structure won’t fall down like knit alternatives, while still remaining comfortable and highly dexterous.

Long-lasting protection
Designed to withstand long periods of wear in tough applications, outlasting competitive sleeves up to 20 times over.

Featured HexArmor® arm guards

Case study: Arm guard longevity + cost savings

Read how HexArmor® arm guards sustainably outlast traditional knit alternatives, saving companies money and waste.

Durable HexArmor arm guard as a cost saving alternative to common arm protection products
PPE leg protection against cuts, punctures and abrasion
#1 in cut, puncture, and abrasion protection Protect mine workers with PPE purpose-built for belt splicing

HexArmor leg protection

Conveyor belt splicing is one of the many hazards that mine workers and other maintenance crews face. Using the right type of PPE before you start a splice is critical in keeping coal, ores, minerals, and base metals moving efficiently and productively around the world – and avoiding injury to workers.

splicing & maintenance chaps

  • Get thigh-to-ankle ANSI/ISEA level A7 cut resistance with additional triple-layer protection over the front-knee area with SuperFabricⓇ brand material
  • Experience a secure fit from double-stitched loops and added snaps designed to easily loop around existing belts
  • Eliminate snags, punctures, cuts, and abrasions with industrial-grade cut and puncture resistance

Interested in this product?

PPE leg protection black for protection against cuts and punctures in industry and co.

The dangers of belt splicing

One-inch-thick belts constructed with fiber and steel are sliced with hand-held knives before being spliced back together with steel staples. Maintenance crews are often positioned on their knees during these dangerous cutting operations and must pull knife blades directly toward themselves. Recordable injuries from deep punctures and lacerations are often serious, and in some cases, life-threatening.

Light-weight and ergonomic PPE apron for cut protection
Body protection Cut- and abrasion-resistant HexArmor apron

HexArmor body protection

The 24” x 30” protective apron AP322 is lightweight, breathable, and ergonomic to ensure safety and comfort, all while providing the highest levels of protection in areas where risk is the greatest.

Abrasion resistant PPE apron with cut protection

General features

  • Excellent durability in cut protection level F
  • Two layers of SuperFabric®* brand material protects against hazards through a configuration of tiny guard plates layered onto performance fabrics – an exclusively-licensed solution to HexArmor®
  • High durability for long-lasting protection
  • Launderable

Safety features

  • Certified CE 4X44F according to EN 388:2016
  • Industry-leading cut and abrasion resistance available provided by SuperFabric®* brand material
  • Full torso protection with 24” x 30” measurements

Comfort features

  • Lightweight compared to alternatives
  • Breathable

Featured HexArmor® body protection

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