uvex occupational safety equipment for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector

Many automotive manufacturers implement technical and organisational solutions in accordance with the TOP principle (technical, organisational and personal measures) to protect their staff and are often confronted with the same requirements that apply to conventional vehicle assembly. However, there are workplaces that must be protected against voltage and short circuit electric arcs. Requirements regarding ergonomics and mobility in assembly operations remain unchanged. uvex therefore offers products that do not restrict workers yet ensure that they are optimally protected.

Wearer comfort and protection

When it comes to producing ergonomic PPE, uvex takes a consistent approach to take into account body shapes and movement. This is evident in virtually every material group, be it protective clothing, gloves or head protection. Take the “faceguard” visors with short circuit electric arc protection for example; these allow the visor element to be pushed back into a resting position so that it sits centrally over the middle of the head to balance the weight load for the wearer’s neck and thereby prevent fatigue and poor posture.

Can be used with touchscreens

The electromobility sector utilises innovative operating systems and displays. This technology often requires unrestricted use of touchscreens to optimise work processes. In this context, wearing safety gloves cannot be restrictive in any way, which is why “UVEX safety gloves”, which are made in Germany, place high value on sensitivity and being able to operate displays, regardless of whether protection against rough or sharp objects must be ensured at the same time or a special grip is required.

Difference between antistatic and ESD

What is ESD?

Learn the difference between anti-static and ESD and find out about the measures you can take against electrostatic charge.

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Eye protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


uvex UV protection for safety glasses

UV400 vs. UV380

The WHO recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. For uvex, this has always been a given.

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Hand protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


uvex protective glove advisor

The perfect safety gloves

Find your perfect safety gloves by answering four easy questions.


Foot protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


uvex size advisor for safety shoes

Shoe size finder

The uvex shoe size finder app makes it particularly easy to measure your feet and to find the shoe size and width you need.

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Head protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


Hearing protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


uvex earplugs / ear protection / use hearing protection correctly

Using earplugs correctly

You will only benefit from the full protective effect of your hearing protection if you insert it correctly and clean reusable earplugs properly.

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Respiratory protection for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector

uvex respiratory protection advisor find the right respiratory protection mask

uvex Respiratory Expert System

The fast route to finding the right respirator for your needs.

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Protective clothing for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


Prescription safety spectacles and VDU spectacles for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


More frames

uvex RX cd - comfort & design

uvex RX – plastic frames

Lens materials Finishes

Anti-reflective coating


Anti-reflective coating is applied to the inside and outside of lenses using vapour deposition. It significantly reduces reflections on the surfaces. It offers a cosmetic advantage and increases light transmission.

Three types of coating are available:

  • Normal anti-reflective coating
  • Multi anti-reflective coating
  • Super anti-reflective coating
UV blue protect

UV blue protect


A special absorber has been added to the lens material that completely filters out UV rays and reduces the blue light content.

  • The lenses absorb UV radiation up to 400 nm at 100%, filter short-wave blue light until 410 nm almost completely and reduce the range from 410 nm to 420 nm around 86%.
  • uvex UV blue protect lenses enhance contrast and effectively prevent signs of fatigue and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • UV blue protect is optionally available for polycarbonate (PC) lenses and HI 1.67
  • the mechanical strength of the lenses is guaranteed — clear lenses with UV blue protect are marked 2C-1.2 according to EN 170
Safety glasses with individual prescription

Our service for optimal protection

Individual eye protection with uvex VDU spectacles and uvex prescription safety spectacles.

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Otoplastics for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


Medicare for vehicle assembly in the electromobility sector


Insoles for safety shoes uvex

Certified safety shoe insoles from uvex medicare

Everything you need to know about insoles at a glance!

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