uvex silv-Air lite – Optimally secure fit. Fog-free spectacles.

The uvex silv-Air lite protective mask has an impressive optimally secure fit, which effectively prevents spectacles from fogging up.

Ideal for use with spectacles: The uvex silv-Air lite FFP2 protective mask ensures a secure fit similar to that of an FFP3 protective mask –
as independent tests have shown. This significantly reduces fogging when the protective mask is worn with spectacles.



Safety risk:

Fogged-up lenses from a protective mask
without a secure fit

Respiratory protection “Made in Europe”

The uvex silv-Air lite is a joint European project: The manufacturing expertise, production equipment and filter materials come from Germany,
while the protective masks are produced by a uvex partner in France.

This European project does not just guarantee first-class product quality: Procuring all components locally means that suppliers are not reliant on
East Asia and therefore ensures rapid availability of the flat-fold mask.

The protective mask that “breathes” with the wearer

Thanks to its innovative design, the uvex silv-Air lite retains its shape, allowing the mask to “breathe” with the wearer and effectively preventing it from collapsing.
The enlarged filter surface and large mask interior significantly reduce breathing resistance, for reliable protection and optimal wearing comfort with every use.



For the perfect fit, every time

Thanks to the soft material and the individually adjustable nose clip, the uvex silv-Air lite adapts optimally to any facial shape for a perfect all-round seal
and a comfortable fit.

Thanks to the sophisticated design in the nose area, the uvex silv-Air lite can be combined with uvex safety spectacles and effectively keeps the spectacles
from fogging up – its high level of compatibility makes it a dependable companion in everyday work.

Optimal hygiene

Each uvex silv-Air lite protective mask is individually packaged to meet even the strictest hygiene requirements. The volume of the optimised packaging has been reduced by 22% compared to conventional masks, which saves space during transport and storage.


The low-weight material blend makes the uvex silv-Air lite a real featherweight.


Premium comfort for better wearer acceptance – with an optimally sealed fit.


The integrated nose clip can be adjusted to suit the wearer for perfect protection.


The two-piece horizontally folding shape effectively prevents the mask from collapsing.

uvex silv-Air 4200

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